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adriaen van der spelt   (sukuretsky)
Allston_Belshazzar_Feast   (amlaughlin)
Ara Pacis, Tellus panel   (VRLibrary)
ART   (sacaravaglia)
Asplund, Stockholm Public Library   (VRLibrary)
Augustus from Primaporta   (VRLibrary)
Bilbao   (niadams)
Bosschaert, Flowerpiece   (VRLibrary)
Bramante, Palazzo Caprini   (VRLibrary)
Cole, Expulsion Garden of Eden   (VRLibrary)
Colosseum   (VRLibrary)
Column of Trajan   (VRLibrary)
Copley, Mrs. John Winthtop   (suabbasi)
Copy of Step Pyramid of Zoser   (tobanton)
Donatello, St. John the Evangelist   (VRLibrary)
Duccio, Entry into Jerusalem   (ambocko)
Durer, St. Jerome   (VRLibrary)
Durham Cathedral   (VRLibrary)
final art 106   (mareilly)
Friedrich, Monk by the Sea   (VRLibrary)
Fudong, Seven Intellectuals...   (VRLibrary)
Gauguin, Spirit of the Dead Watching   (VRLibrary)
Gospels of St. Augustine, St. Luke   (VRLibrary)
Gothic   (niadams)
Great Mosque (Cordoba)   (VRLibrary)
Hiroshige, Moon Viewing Point   (VRLibrary)
Huang Gongwang, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains   (VRLibrary)
Huyghe, One Million Kingdoms   (VRLibrary)
Japanese Landscapes   (VRLibrary)
Late 18th and Nineteenth Century Art in Europe   (natorrence)
Ledoux, Chaux   (VRLibrary)
Leonardo, Vitruvian Man   (VRLibrary)
Mantegna, Oculus   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, St. Peters Apses Dome   (VRLibrary)
Page from a Koran manuscript   (VRLibrary)
Panathenaic Procession Parthenon   (VRLibrary)
Portrait of a Roman   (VRLibrary)
Raphael Sanzio, Madonna Meadow   (VRLibrary)
Raphael, Draught of Fishes   (VRLibrary)
Raphael, Julius II   (VRLibrary)
Raphael, Pope Julius II   (ambocko)
Raphael, School of Athens   (ambocko)
Santo Spirito   (VRLibrary)
Tiravanija, Untitled   (VRLibrary)
Trick or Treat   (natorrence)
Twain exhibit   (VRLibrary)
Van der Weyden, Portrait of a Lady   (VRLibrary)
van eyck from luna   (sukuretsky)
Verrocchio, Baptism of Christ   (VRLibrary)
Warrior, Tomb of the First Emperor   (VRLibrary)