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28th of July, Liberty Leading the People   (maslaats)
Adams - Architecture in Itally   (amlaughlin)
Anonymous, Akan Drum   (VRLibrary)
Basilica of San Francesco Lower Church   (VRLibrary)
Bellows, New York   (VRLibrary)
Bernini, David   (VRLibrary)
Bruegel, The Way to Calvary   (VRLibrary)
Caravaggio, Calling of Saint Matthew   (VRLibrary)
Christ in Majesty   (VRLibrary)
Cimabue   (VRLibrary)
Copley, Mary Turner Sargent   (VRLibrary)
Copley, Mrs. Jerathmael Bowers   (VRLibrary)
Copy of Erectheion   (tobanton)
Copy of Temple of Amon   (tobanton)
da Cortona, Divine Providence   (VRLibrary)
Donatello, St. George Slaying the Dragon   (VRLibrary)
Duccio, Last Supper   (ambocko)
Durham Cathedral   (VRLibrary)
Eakins, The Thinker   (VRLibrary)
Fayum Mummy Portrait from Egypt of a Young Woman   (amlaughlin)
frans Hals luna   (sukuretsky)
Frieze depicting the Panathenaic Procession   (VRLibrary)
Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac   (VRLibrary)
Goetheanum   (alhershenow)
Hammons, Hair Pyramid   (VRLibrary)
Homer, The Life Line   (suabbasi)
Japanese Landscapes   (VRLibrary)
Late 19th century Genre Painting   (VRLibrary)
Lawrence, The Migration Series   (VRLibrary)
Leonardo, Last Supper   (VRLibrary)
lochner luna   (sukuretsky)
Mantegna, The Gonzaga Family   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Standing Nudes   (VRLibrary)
Morse, House of Representatives   (VRLibrary)
Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia   (amlaughlin)
Paleolithic to Roman   (VRLibrary)
Palladio, San Giorgio Maggiore   (VRLibrary)
Pisano, Fortitude   (VRLibrary)
Rembrandt, Self Portrait (c. 1665)   (VRLibrary)
Ren Renfa, Two Horses   (VRLibrary)
Saint Matthew, Ebbo of Reims   (VRLibrary)
Scribe of Ezra   (VRLibrary)
Seiffert Asian Art   (amlaughlin)
Soane, House of the architect   (VRLibrary)
terbrugghen luna   (sukuretsky)
Test   (shcadogan)
Van Eyck, Madonna with Chancellor Rolin   (VRLibrary)
Vanderlyn, Ariadne   (VRLibrary)
Vermeer, Art of Painting   (VRLibrary)
William Morris   (niadams)