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105 Final   (niadams)
albrecht durer   (sukuretsky)
ART 331   (semajer)
Art History Fall Midterm   (kedevittemckee)
Arts and Crafts Movement 251   (VRLibrary)
Asian Art   (anpatel)
Atget, Corsets   (VRLibrary)
Baroque 106   (ambocko)
Barthe, African Dancer   (VRLibrary)
Bernini, St. Peter's Colonnade & Piazza   (VRLibrary)
Bruegel, The Painter and the Connoisseur   (VRLibrary)
Caravaggio, Calling of Saint Matthew   (VRLibrary)
Chicago, The Dinner Party   (VRLibrary)
Copley, Mrs. John Winthtop   (suabbasi)
Copy of Copy of Death of Sarpedon   (tobanton)
Copy of Standing Buddha   (niwoodworth)
Courbet, The Painter's Studio   (VRLibrary)
Durer, Knight, Death, Devil   (VRLibrary)
Ghiberti, Isaac   (VRLibrary)
Goya, The Third of May   (VRLibrary)
Hagia Sophia   (VRLibrary)
Hammons, Hair Pyramid   (VRLibrary)
Harlem Renaissance   (natorrence)
Leonardo, Vitruvian Man   (ambocko)
Lorsch Gatehouse   (VRLibrary)
Matisse, Interior with Eggplants   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Charon   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Moses   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Palazzo Nuovo   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Temptation and Expulsion   (VRLibrary)
Monet, Women in the Garden   (VRLibrary)
Orcagna, Strozzi Altarpiece   (VRLibrary)
Painted Banner of Lady Dai   (VRLibrary)
Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne   (VRLibrary)
Picasso, Maquette for Guitar   (VRLibrary)
Piranesi drawings   (niadams)
Piranesi, Le Carceri d'Invenzione   (VRLibrary)
Pompeii, Forum   (niadams)
Pompeii, Forum   (VRLibrary)
Rembrandt, Self Portrait (c. 1665)   (VRLibrary)
savery images 2011   (sukuretsky)
sdf   (shcadogan)
Seated Buddha, Yungang   (VRLibrary)
sukuretasky   (sukuretsky)
Sutton Hoo   (VRLibrary)
Tree of Jesse, Saint-Denis   (VRLibrary)
Verrocchio, Baptism of Christ   (VRLibrary)
Wood, American Gothic   (suabbasi)
WPA and Social Realism 251   (VRLibrary)
Ziggurat of Ur   (VRLibrary)