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28th of July, Liberty Leading the People   (maslaats)
anthony van dyck   (sukuretsky)
Art 106 Images   (anemy)
Bellows, Both Members of this Club   (suabbasi)
Bourges, Saint Etienne   (VRLibrary)
Bramante, destruction of Old St. Peter's/new plan   (VRLibrary)
Cezanne, Still life with Plaster Cast   (VRLibrary)
Cortona, Triumph of Divine Providence   (VRLibrary)
David, Oath of the Horatii   (VRLibrary)
Durand, In the Woods   (suabbasi)
East Frieze: Youth Bearing Peplos   (VRLibrary)
Eitoku, Cypress Tree   (VRLibrary)
geertgen   (sukuretsky)
Ghiberti, St. John the Baptist   (VRLibrary)
Giotto, Raising of Lazarus   (VRLibrary)
Gothic   (niadams)
hnthorst luna   (sukuretsky)
Homer_Veteran   (amlaughlin)
Hospital of S. Matteo   (VRLibrary)
Hospital of San Matteo   (VRLibrary)
Ise Jing Shrine   (amlaughlin)
Jefferson   (niadams)
Kroisos (Anavysos Kouros)   (VRLibrary)
Lion Hunt Dagger   (VRLibrary)
Lorsch Gatehouse   (VRLibrary)
Lotus Sutra   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Damned   (VRLibrary)
Michelangelo, Prophet Jonah   (VRLibrary)
Morse, House of Representatives   (VRLibrary)
Painted Coffin, Tomb of Lady Dai   (VRLibrary)
Peter Bruegel the Elder   (natorrence)
Picasso, Maquette for Guitar   (VRLibrary)
Raphael, Transfiguration   (VRLibrary)
Rembrandt, Self Portrait (c. 1665)   (VRLibrary)
San Lorenzo de El Escorial   (anpatel)
Santo Spirito   (VRLibrary)
savery   (sukuretsky)
shay test zzz   (shfoley)
shit i missed   (mareilly)
Tempietto   (niadams)
Temple of Iuppiter Optimus Maximus   (VRLibrary)
Temptation of Mara   (VRLibrary)
Test   (shcadogan)
TestingSlaveDrum   (maoneal)
Third abbey church of Saint-Pierre, Cluny   (VRLibrary)
Utagawa Hiroshima Moon Viewing Point   (amlaughlin)
Vanderlyn, Ariadne   (VRLibrary)
Vermeer, Maid Pouring Milk   (VRLibrary)
Visual And Material Culture of Slavery   (natorrence)
Wood_american_gothic   (amlaughlin)