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105 Exam   (niadams)
Abbey Church of St. Michael   (VRLibrary)
Adams - Architecture in Itally   (amlaughlin)
ancient architecture   (amlaughlin)
anthony van dyck   (sukuretsky)
Aphrodite of Knidos   (VRLibrary)
Art 105 Early Renaissance   (niadams)
art 106 flipfile   (thhill)
art 106 midterm2   (kaneville)
Ash Can School 251   (VRLibrary)
Augustus from Primaporta   (VRLibrary)
Basilica of Maxentius   (VRLibrary)
Bramante, Caradosso medal   (VRLibrary)
Brunelleschi, San Lorenzo   (VRLibrary)
Chauvet Cave   (VRLibrary)
Copley Boy with Flying Squirrel   (amlaughlin)
Copley, Mrs. John Winthtop   (suabbasi)
Court of Justinian   (VRLibrary)
Court of Theodora   (VRLibrary)
da Vinci, Vitruvian Man   (VRLibrary)
David, Oath of the Horatii   (VRLibrary)
East Frieze: Maidens   (VRLibrary)
East Frieze: Youth Bearing Peplos   (VRLibrary)
Ecole des Beaux Arts   (niadams)
Ghiberti, Baptistery Doors, North Doors   (VRLibrary)
Gloucester cathedral   (VRLibrary)
Gloucester Cathedral Choir   (VRLibrary)
Goya, Saturn Devoring his Children   (VRLibrary)
High Renaissance / Baroque Art   (VRLibrary)
Hongshou, Pleasures of Mr. He   (VRLibrary)
Korin, Red/White Plum Blossoms   (anpatel)
Martini, Annuciation   (VRLibrary)
miiiiid   (meda)
Orcagna, Strozzi Altarpiece   (VRLibrary)
Painted Banner of Lady Dai   (VRLibrary)
Peter Bruegel the Elder   (natorrence)
Raphael, Baldassare Castiglione   (VRLibrary)
Raphael, School of Athens   (VRLibrary)
Rearing Horse   (VRLibrary)
s foy conques   (sukuretsky)
Sarcophagus (Nelson-Atkins Museum)   (VRLibrary)
Seated Chephren   (VRLibrary)
Statuettes of Worshippers   (VRLibrary)
Temple of Hercules Victor   (VRLibrary)
Temple of Portunus   (VRLibrary)
The Panathenaic Procession   (VRLibrary)
Torivio, Black on White Eyedazzler   (VRLibrary)
Turner, Rain, Steam and Speed   (VRLibrary)
Watts Sherman   (niadams)
Wood_MidnightRidePaulRevere   (amlaughlin)